17 May 2013


 follies of the week:
-the desire to show that I am right in all situations.
-not listening to my father more.
-listening to my insecurities.
-not appreciating the small moments with the boys.
-listening to my father too much.

fodder for the soul:
-reading aloud to the boys every night.
-hiking with my father, taking photographs together.
-appreciating my father for who is and where he has been.
-waking to the song of a mockingbird.every.single. morning.
-returning after a weekend away, to find that you are home.

the weekend:
-magic show at the boys' elementary school.
-reconnecting with friends.
-breathing deeply.
-farmer's market.
-laundry, organizing, cleaning.
-grateful lists and thank you cards. written. hopefully.
What are you scooping up, savoring, holding onto, letting go, dumping, loving? 
What lovely things are you looking forward to this weekend? I would love to know. 

Of Note: I have a small new poem up over on Kindred Magazine's online journal. 
There are many lovely things to see over there. I encourage you to delve into their online space if you have the time. So many wonderfully creative folk. Happy Weekend! xo


  1. holy moly.
    what a beautiful post.

  2. Love the photo of the room. Parents can be so tricky - when to listen and when not to. Hmmm, looking forward to a weekend of creating with my parents - in the garden, clean some fleece given to my mom, possibly starting a quilt, working on photos, slowly finishing a knitting project, I believe the list is endless BUT so enjoyable. The boys will enjoy the cats and dogs - run free when the black flies are not out. Have a lovely, lovely weekend. Chey xo

    1. Yes parents are tricky! But ever so loved nonetheless. It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned. Perfect in every way. xxoo

  3. I shall be trying to remember to be patient and to relax and just enjoy the little moments. To connect with my boys, to listen and to talk to them. To do what they want to do. Not to worry too much. to let anxiety go for a couple of days. It helps me to list these things. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. this is so beautiful, filled with light and gentleness.

  5. I'm so glad to have found you through Kindred! Your blog is beautiful, as is your poetry.

    This weekend I'm scooping up, savoring, relishing my baby's fifth birthday party. It's going to be wild and lovely! Then on Monday I'm coming back here to read more deeply. :-)

    1. Oh please do enjoy your baby's 5th birthday! 5 is so monumental in my mind. The leaving behind of babyness and entering into the little adult world. sweet and bitter for a mama. happy weekend! xo

  6. how fabulous, just checked out the kindred site and oh wow! xxxx

  7. the mention of hiking makes me instantly feel the beauty of open spaces and trees. it must have been lovely x

    1. Thanks so much Natalie! it was good to be out, hiking and just being with my dad. xo

  8. Lovely post. I think your blog is just beautiful! I'm enjoying reading it! :)


  9. Beautiful post and wow, what a photo. Love the idea of fodder and follies. x


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