14 May 2013

poetic pause :: energy

energy bound and brought,
love-light entered, and sought.
ever after joyful tears,
casting off night's deepest fears.

to love! sweet and new, hand and hand, 
to love! a smile, a kiss, a new found land.

and Love, that age old friend, marks out this course 
with compass, map, pack in hand, hard work, yet no remorse. 

for joy is love and love is work 
as beauty lies in this carved nook.

step, to step, brought and found, 
hiking terrain forged from this ground  
of love, of together, of promises to keep,
sure and strong, not blind, deep trust in the leap.

for this and forever more, the love made here 
is not forgot, for its true song sung is always near;
the dance of this wondrous light, 
brings day from the deepest night,

a heart beat, a skip, a throwing stone

Love sits upon her mighty throne.  

foliophoto! Joining in with bedsidesign and Raincoast Creative Salon. I took these photos of these two creative souls, deep in love, at the wedding we attended in North Carolina this weekend.
Their energy was infectious, beautiful.



  1. Lovely images - my favorite lines are:
    "to love! sweet and new, hand and hand,
    to love! a smile, a kiss, a new found land."

    1. Thanks so much Christie. I think that is my favorite line too, I guess if I can have a favorite line. xo

  2. Watching two people in love is so beautiful and inspiring! Lovely pictures and words Rebecca! xx

    1. Thanks ever so much Jennifer! I appreciate your sweet compliment! xo

  3. Hurray! "in my mind I'm goin' to Carolina..."


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