06 May 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

You are almost over and I am quite content.
This day has been a whirlwind, fast descent.

Choas! and goodness grumpies is brought.
Don't despair though, not all it is overwrought
with chores to do and clothes to clean
I haven't nearly had enough time to be mean.
Hurrah! the boys cheer,
certainly this means goodness is here

Oh Monday!
Mom is tired, Mom is spent.
Monday is almost over, I am quite content.


hope you all are well! happy monday eve! xxoo 


  1. Happy Monday ... and all the best for Tuesday ;0)

    1. Tuesday was a bit better! But had the youngest sick all week. oh well! I know this one will be illness free! xo

  2. what a charming little blog you have here....
    love the name, the writing , and the photographs.
    truly special.


    1. Thanks so so much Sara. I really appreciate it! xo


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