25 June 2013

an order :: a summer decree of chaos

and unto us, decreed by the order of summer,
there shall be a slow churning of chaos in our veins.
an unpinned, uncertain future of days that comes with tightrope walking
over a vast open field full of dark dew, fairy-ed fireflies, mint stung clover, and pennyless thoughts.

vague plans crowd our dream filled memories;
there is no bridge across the channel
to sensibility, instead we must hang down upon it,
muck our way through the crowded
days, no direction, no compass,
        tromping through the moored wet grass
        clinging petals at the hem of our soaked feet


until we pull ourselves up
into our desks at autumns gate.
sweaty legged in scratchy classroom air,
blow the shavings of wood and crushed lead off our pencils,
sitting down to scribble instruction once more.


  1. That is so beautiful! It really captures the attractions of summer. :)

  2. I love this decree! Beautiful!

  3. I love the mud on the face, the fabric blowing in the wind (free like children in summer), and the big smile in the last one. The words fit the actions of summer perfectly. Thank you for the beautiful photos and words.
    Chey xo

  4. Love the muddy face :0)
    Hooray for a long chaotic summer ... I can feel your warm, relaxed days from here.

  5. I love this. Wonderful photographs too!

  6. Oh i love the free spirit of summer. Winter here and it has its own charms, warm tea and brisk walks to warm the soul x

    1. There are some days I really could go for winterish weather. xo

  7. This is so carefree yet thoughtful! I love the way you handled this prompt!

    1. Thanks so much Christie. I appreciate your feedback. xo

  8. bravo, lovely photos, <3 the pennyless thoughts

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks so so much! that makes me smile! xo

  10. Wonderful. I was just thinking this morning that I need to make my boys' summer magical. And such is the nature of boys that a lovely outdoor summer is pretty much all it takes. You have put it all so beautifully.

    1. thanks so much CJ. I think that what ever you all do this summer it will be magical no matter what! xo


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