03 June 2013

reflecting on love

hello monday!....
you have me thinking about love dear monday: the love that it takes when it is hard, the love that it takes when it is new, the love that it takes to pull your self up and wipe yourself when you have messed up, the love that it takes to make something work. it is not always pretty. sacrifice and compromise are often the name of the game in a well sorted partnership. you have me thinking about this all dear monday.

kind kindred souls will tell you exactly this in the early days of passionate love: that it is commitment and sacrifice that keeps the embers hot when the fire has died down. but it is oh so hard to hear in the days of  tumbling blindness,  can't keep from being away from each other love. in those early times of the kissing, constantly entwined limbs,  beating hearts and blending of bodies.

but suddenly then you know it. sometimes faster that you would like. other times, it is a slow bending and forming that happens that makes you understand the ways  of the deep commitment and sacrifice; it is because when you love deep that you find that there is no perfection there, no illusions; just your stark, blemished naked soul next to his, marked, tarnished, faded gold.

but I think this is where it begins. the journey. a journey of nights weeping, sleepless walking soothing babes, undiminished joy that sparkles sunshine as you laugh, wrinkled tears, patterned lines, scrunching up haggard faces for goodnight embraces and good morning coffee.

You bend, you bend over backwards for love somedays. No one tells you that this is excruciating painful yet one of the deepest most profound joys in life.
I have no other reason to write about this on this Monday, other than I am an over thinker and this writing was a part of a poem I sketched out, gleaned, then scribbled down (that now sits over there, on Anchor&Plume Press) as well as the fact that I know there are days when I have stuck it out. And days when I know he has stuck it out. And boy, oh boy, those boys of ours really make us bend! yet lately, I know, that my merry wedded man, really bends over backwards somedays for me. and I appreciate it so. that bending over backwards to nurture dreams. {cause I know I have done it for him too}

what are some of the best parts of love for you? what are some of the most difficult? share if you feel so inclined. if not, thats okay too. xxoo


  1. A beautiful piece. Good timing as I am so far away from mine right now. The best part - no matter where you are, how bad it is, how good it is they are there - you are there - you are on the same team. You are each others sidekick through life's roller coaster ride. There is nothing better then knowing you always have the support of your man. I believe there is nothing deeper then sharing the birth of a child and raising them together- the journey takes you places you would never thought to go or thought possible. Currently we are each bending backwards to reach a dream and it feels so good to work as a team towards a common goal. Sorry for the rambling - as you can tell I really liked this piece.
    Chey xo

  2. Best parts: just being with my husband, day and night, is peaceful and lovely. Hard parts: having to say good-bye, whether for just a few days or the inevitable parting at the end of life.

  3. I'm trying to remember what I wrote last week ... though I spent most of last week in a feverish haze so it possibly didn't make any sense anyway.
    But best parts are having a safe and secure place to belong ... where you are allowed to just be you ... with all your faults ... but they love you anyway.
    The worst part ... all the tiny, insignificant things they do or don't do that drive you absolutely crazy ... but you love them anyway.

  4. I absolutely adore your writing. I have had so much catching up to do after having Alba, this was such a great morning read to get me started!


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