28 June 2013

fodder + folly

follies of the week:
-not carving out enough structure to our days.
-hiding from the summertime chaos rather than embracing it.
-feeling a bit like a fish in a bowl when it comes to certain things.
(swimming around in circles, always ending in the same place).
-waiting for__________ to happen instead of going out and getting it done.
-illusions of grandeur.

fodder for the soul:
-getting through the chaotic week with out choking on my own grumpiness.
-listening to the boys giggle.
-watching them play intentionally together.
-my youngest getting up early today to set up for his older brother's birthday.
-celebrating the birth of my now 10 year old!

provender for the weekend:
-celebrating the middle's birthday.
-remembering how lucky I am.
-beach time.
-movie date night (grown-ups!)
-clearing clutter (from my house and my mind).
how has your week been? what are your soul-filled moments? any weekend plans?


  1. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the middle one. I also feel a bit of a tug of war at this time. Organized enough, balanced with just the right amount of freedom. I have tried to focus on being present with the boys for our last little bit of time here in our tropical home. We will be finishing up last bits of the renovation and enjoying the beach and ocean. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Chey xo

    1. Oh gosh! you all are so busy with summer filled bliss! I am envious! Hope you are having a wonderful week! xo

  2. yep doing the cluttered mind. choking on grumpiness here as well! hope you have a sunshine week ahead of you my lovely xxxxxx

    1. Oh Jane! What a circus we would be if we ever made it to your side of the pond! Hope you are well this week and enjoying your busy and fun filled days of summer! xo

  3. Really enjoyed this Rebecca, and it made me reflect on a few days over the past couple of weeks here (the bit on choking on our own grumpiness...). We get through it. x

  4. I can't seem to comment today. I keep typing things and then deleting them. This must mean something I think. But I just want to say have a lovely weekend. I do so love clearing clutter, I think I shall try and do some of this too.

    1. Oh CJ! Hope all is well in your world. Life gets busy and sometimes we need to put words on hold. xo

  5. de-cluttering! i'm about to do this too. happy weekend x

    1. So so glad I have de-cluttering friendsout amongst the great wide world! Hope you are having a lovely start to you week. xo

  6. Whew--haven't done a movie date night in too long. Enjoy it!


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