04 June 2013

poetic pause :: wrinkles

but there are stories tucked in those lines.
soft ones, laughing ones.
tattered, dog eared book ends dusty on the shelf.
forgotten and remembered.
a breathing in. a letting go.

tucked inside the creases of a mothballed shirt.
old soul sung young.

and us. us who are afraid to cling to the wrinkled, the old aging breath,
who are afraid of the skin on the over heated milk,
we try to stamp out and smooth down the aged.
so unlike when we were young,
when we parted in and out of the doorways
 with death strung out across our back,
no fear in hiding from the poetry of old age.
taking and talking hands, holding onto the new,
tight closed fists. and in the small bits,
 we wrinkle ourselves,
wrinkles pressed in the creased quivers of living life.

in the breathing in, the folding of hands,

and the breathing out, through time stood young.

foliophoto :: with the ever talented ladies at besidesign and rainforest creative salon


  1. Ahhh, this brings me back to memories of my grandmother. So true when you look at their faces - they have so much to say. Yet - so many are afraid to take the time to sit and listen - our world would be a better place if we all did a better job of this I believe. Thank you again for another beautiful piece of writing. I always look forward to these.
    Chey xo

  2. Absolutely gorgeous words, and photos. I love the crispness of the flowers, and the grain in the closeups.

  3. beautiful. the richness of life as we age. x

  4. It's such a loss that we often don't spend time or rarely interact with anyone old. Like somehow if we don't see them then we won't age either.

    I won't go into details but we've had some medical/care emergencies with my mil over the past few days. It's been stressful. And the new "normal" has changed as a result.

    We will all get there at some point. A life well lived. And now the body weakens as does the mind. We just go with it rather than fight it.

  5. Hi Rebecca! I found your blog via Sandra and Christie. This piece is so lovely and literally brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to reading your posts.


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