07 June 2013


follies of the week:
-tripping on my own words.
-best laid plans...well we know where they went...
-too much time distracting my self with things I have no control over.
-the unfolded mountain of laundry in my bedroom.
-over explaining & over extending.
-unwanted exhaustion.

fodder for the soul:
-gardening a bit with the boys.
-a mannerless monday dinner well planned: a meal of steamed artichokes and butter to dip them in...
("oh mommy," exclaimed the youngest, "we can pretend we are scavengers tonight!")
-end of school year picnics and parties, even if it meant I was overextended.
-squeezing in a smidgen of time for art (appreciation) with the boys
(I love when they show off their hand crafted creations...and then proceed to art around a bit more).
-almost the end of the school year.
-foggy mornings and soft light filled evenings.

provender for the weekend:
-laundry folding.
-sheer laziness interspersed amongst the laundry folding.
-assembling a memory book and retirement gift for the middle's 3rd grade teacher.
-guilt free deep sighs of contentment.
-making pancakes with the boys.
-lights out by 10pm two nights in a row.
-rest filled quiet.
how has your week been? any follies or fodder? 
what are you looking most forward to this weekend? 
I would love to know! xxoo


  1. Love the artichokes - a favorite for me. After 5 days of tropical storm the sun is out and we are free again. We will do what we do best here and just see where the day takes us.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
    Chey xo

  2. It's a long weekend over here ... so I'm looking forward to 3 days of nothing much at all.
    Good luck with the laundry :0)

  3. Artichokes are my favorite! My family eats ours the same way, probably the best summer dinner :)
    I have been working with my puppy training him, and it is very rewarding for me, as well as him!
    Good luck with your laundry this weekend :) And enjoy pancakes with your boys!

  4. pretty pictures, mama.

    plenty of mayhem over here. our water heater broke and I haven't showered in days.
    hopefully today they will deliver the new one! enough said!

  5. Dropped a birthday cake today. Oh dear. Yesterday the littlest boy tried being Tarzan on the curtains, and the curtain poles (there are two) came tumbling down. Spent too much money, but only on necessities. The sun has come out, summer is here and we are all well, so I can deal with the other things I think.


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