14 October 2013

41 of 52 :: portraits of the boys

the youngest: happy as a clam out on  a quick errand. He got to go on one of the "rides" outside the store and it thrilled him to no end.
the middle: looking around to see what others are doing while I snapped a photo of him in front of his prize winning entry in an art contest at school.
the oldest: at times happy to have his photograph taken, other times extremely elusive. This week he proved elusive.

joining in here. xxoo

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  1. The youngest does indeed look so happy - I love when little things make them really thrilled with life. And WELL DONE to the middle boy, a great achievement. I think he must have his mama's creative talent! Hope you all have a really good week.

  2. ooo the rides outside the stores, my kids adore them and i can still remember the rides i went on as a kid! Love these! way to go with the art prize x

  3. Lovely lovely boys - the black and white is just the best x

  4. beautiful young men you have there! I love the black and white too!


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