29 October 2013

tuesday's notes | be inspired

dear self, try to love life a bit more today. be a bit more inspired by the small, those tiny bits that tie you to this earth. find inspiration under the jar jam stuck, sticky sweet upon the shelf; look for it blowing in under the door as the gales rattle your stoop; open it up as you work through your day and remember how grateful you are for all things as you close your book at night. love life a bit more today and I think you will be surprised how much life will love you back. xxoo

This is a series called tuesday's notes. You are welcome to write along if you want, just leave a comment with your blog address if you decide to write one and I will be sure to come say hello. These "Notes" can be notes to your self (future, past or present), notes to the rude person who cut you off in line, notes to your children, note's to your parents... I think you get the idea. Would love if you "wrote along!" xo


  1. Love the idea of Tuesday notes!
    Great pics

  2. Beautiful photos Rebecca, and very thought-provoking words. Something I need to remember as well, thank you.

  3. This is the first time I've visited your blog and your photography is just breath taking. I love the words you've used here too, I also have to remind myself at times to be thankful in the small things and to see inspiration in the little things.

  4. Oh i love your Tuesday notes - great idea! xo

  5. I would love to participate in this!


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