30 October 2013

midweek, autumn, nature

I've often written that autumn is hard to find in this southern location.
But I believe I found a bit of it in the arrival of our CSA this past week.
joining in with Lou for her Nature in the Home, Autumn Series.


  1. gorgeous images and lovely autumnal tones x

  2. Gorgeous photos ... they totally look like they should be gracing the cover of a magazine or recipe book.

  3. my thought exactly!
    recipe book status for sure.
    the colors against that wood. .
    so dreamy!

  4. Lovely photos as always Rebecca. I'm wondering what the little things are. I'm certain we don't get them around here!

  5. Pomegranates are so beautiful. But what are those little things?

  6. Love these photos!!!! The sights and smells of fall. We have been focused on this in our cooking for sure lately. Soups, chili's, baked apples (oh the honey crisp are so wonderful right now) and almighty perfect chocolate covered pomegranates (something special for a few times a year). Thank you for reminding to pause and enjoy all of this during my favorite season.
    Chey xo

  7. That pomegranate shot is beautiful - such gorgeous colours. I too am wondering what the little fruits are - please tell!x

  8. Such a beautiful subdued autumnal colour palette in these images :)

  9. Welcome back! I do love your blog... so glad your stunning photography is link up with me again. Lou xx


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