20 October 2013

clickety-clack call of the week's end (& a poem too)

It is a grey, foggy morning here, and though I know some folk don't love grey days, especially when you live in a place that is more grey than sunny; yet here in Souther California, I long for them. There is a certain amount of sameness on the day in and day out of living in such a temperate climate, that at times, the eternal sunshine can feel quite overwhelming. You really have to look for the subtle changes in the seasons to really see the seasons.

It does make one more observant I find. There is a quiet lessening of daylight here. The days have a stretched, softer golden hue to them. Some leaves do change. Many others are perennially green.  One doesn't have the same stark emptiness in winter; which sometimes in those long January and February days is marvelous! However there are times I find myself wishing for a real cold snap that would force snow from the sky.

So perhaps you can see why I am so glad to get these mornings of grey.
As most of you know, we spent last weekend in the San Diego Mountains. I keep going back over the many photos I took there as a way to find out about a life that I am not living, and perhaps, even from time to time, a life I long for: Hens clucking, morning sun skipping out across vast fields of trees, the wilderness and a deeper sense of the wild, fiefdoms of nature, pigs snorting, joyous boys running, and a deeper sense of calm and closeness to my soul. 

For now the photographs will do... and the writing. Oh the writing! I love when I am able to be fully present when I write, letting other things fall away. 
There is a poem I wrote, inspired by the weekend, over on Anchor & Plume Press. I would love for  you to check it out and let me know what you think.

I am so glad that we carved out a little space and time to go down there and just be.


  1. I love it when we have the space and time to just be.
    The poem is fabulous.

  2. Beautiful pig and chooky shots
    Off to check out the poem now

  3. I always love beautiful autumnal photos while I'm in spring on the other side of the world. These are lovely!

  4. What a beautiful post, your love for writing really shines through. Can relate to the subtle seasonal changes too .... here in the sub-tropics there is little change between the seasons.

  5. Beautiful photos, and I so loved the poem. How wonderful to be able to create something like that. So very evocative.

  6. Love the autumn colours in these, so different to what we are experiencing here at the moment. I do think autumn is my favourite of all the seasons by far x

  7. oh....I SO see you having chickens.
    and you know I get your feelings on the weather....
    much love to you, your poem is wonderful! great rhymes.

  8. There are just the most fabulous colours at this time of year aren't there? Love those chooks x


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