08 October 2013

tuesday's notes | to my 16 year old self

Midmorning here. I am dashing around between emails and meetings and I am finding it hard to stay focused as I am bit tired. I have been up in the night lately over thinking and over plotting, which is how I end up writing a post like this. All those moments caught up in my brain, trying to stretch out of me, longing to be shared.

Here is a new series called tuesday's notes. You are welcome to write along if you want, just leave a comment with your blog address if you decide to write one and I will be sure to come say hello. These "Notes" can be notes to your self (future or past), notes to the rude person who cut you off in line, notes to your children, note's to your parents...
I think you get the idea. (or if you want I could create prompts for the Note's).

Here are my tuesday's notes to my 16 year old self, small pieces of advice that I wish someone had been brave enough or knowledgeable enough to tell me (you know really tell, without being mean).

*love your body:: love it no matter what size it is and what clothes you wear. Love it so, as there are others out there who will try to say you only will be valuable if you look a certain way. 
*it is normal to be moody around your period:: once you know that it is not all in your head, you are able to become more aware of your actions and your moods. 
*It is normal to crave certain foods:: you are not crazy when you want to knock down the dude in front of you to get at a chocolate bar. Now that you are aware you will crave certain foods, you can be more prepared.
*it is normal for your period to be irregular:: Don't you feel better knowing this? The one reassuring thing about adolescence is that nothing is regular! Embrace the ups and downs. 
*listen to your body, eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full:: your body knows better than anyone what you need. Don't measure, don't count calories. Your body knows. Trust her. Girls often punish themselves when they feel that they have eaten too much, never taking into account growth spurts, sporting events, etc. Don't punish yourself! listen to your body instead. 

what would you add to this list? I would really love to know!!! 


  1. give yourself permission, to be you, to create, to push boundaries, to put yourself first or last or in the middle, to follow a dream and not let it go, to always be you...always you! my shiny t tuesday is about this! i adore this post...well you know i adore all your posts, but this speaks to me! How i would yell in my younger self s ear and do battle with that non-existent self-esteem that took till my mid-40's to stand up to! xxxxx

  2. What a lovely idea, these notes. I'll think about it and may join in with you next week!

    Oh.. and wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to be able to go back in time and whisper in your own sixteen year olds ear? The things I would say, and how it would help! But alas. I guess that's part of the learning process, all those broken hearts, the bumps and the bruises. Without them we wouldn't be who we are now, right?

    But still... ;-)

  3. that i have to love and embrace myself before anyone else will.

  4. just left a reply on my blog! you lovely silly daft beautiful soul! leave this as tuesday's notes...this is wonderful! xxxxxx

  5. Wonderful. If only we could have had all this wisdom back then. I wish I could have told myself to be brave and intrepid and follow my dreams. Although I have heard that it's never too late to follow your dreams...

  6. I would just say ... have confidence ... you're worth it.

  7. I would add....Being different is not a bad thing. Embrace your quirks. They will become the very thing that will make you feel beautiful when you're older. And P.S. I miss coming here! I have been buried in a project and haven't had much online time, and every time I come here I am filled up, sweet friend. XO


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