06 October 2013

the clickety clack call of the week's end

It is early here on this Sunday morning and the youngest has crawled into bed with us. He smells of boy, and in particular of a Saturday spent in the heated Indian Summer Fall, playing sports, relentless movement from morning till early evening. He smells of a slightly sweet sweat with a musty aroma of yesterday's dirt trapped under his nails and peppered across his brow; the smell of memories in an exhausted autumn sun, too tired to bath, too tired to keep eyes open at dinner.

Last weekend he smelled of nothing but roasted marshmallows and the unseen cloud of a campfire.
All of these smells are filled up with memories for this mama, sitting here, sorting through photos and listening to the sound of our youngest breathe a sweet sleepy early morning breath. In my mind I am sorting memories of this moment, memories of this weekend and last; sorting memories of the arch of my life, the pulling back of the bow and the taught string that sends an arrow flying high towards its intended target.

So I write some down. Trying to trap the scents on paper as one would trap a firefly in a glass jar, trying to momentarily hold onto to something that really is intangible, that exists only on the threshold between day and night, in those stolen moments of the sun chasing the moon through the heavens across the sky.
how has your weekend been? xo


  1. Such beautiful words Rebecca. There has been sunshine here, and football without mud and without shivering. A day with my littlest boy, me and him alone. Such a treat, and a rare one. We coloured and played and cycled. A happy day indeed. Hope you all have a lovely week.

  2. Ahhh, this post reminds me of one I have been meaning to write for a really long time. I am trying to hang on to those moments the boys cuddle up on my lap and I smell that boy smell. You have written it all so perfectly!!!!!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Chey xo

  3. This is really beautiful, lovely words & memories.

  4. Beautiful writing Rebecca
    I find trying to capture the moments is such a bittersweet feeling

  5. Beautiful words and pictures Rebecca. I, too, find myself so often thinking - " this is a moment I need to remember", this time is so fleeting. x

  6. Can almost smell them! Love these but also the portraits of the boys what gorgeous models!! Autumn is settling in here.......hang on tight!!

  7. how very lovely, my friend.
    when you describe it at such, exactly how I feel (but girls)
    I wonder how I could ever raise my voice at them.

  8. As a sentimentalist, this post speaks to me so profoundly... it's beautiful and quiet and nostalgic, like the memories you write about. I wish we could trap and hold on to them as they are. by the way, thank you for visiting the other day :) I need to come here more often, though I read your posts in one large volume whenever I get a chance, and they always calm and inspire... xo


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