25 October 2013

friday | fodder + folly

follies of the week::
-resentful actions that lead to a bitter heart
-behavior based on fear
-social media and the distracted life
-holding my breath when I should be breathing

fodder for the soul::
-a day spent with the youngest, even though he was home sick
-creative sparks found in the darkness
-watching my cat sleep
-reading, reading
-a copy of the quarterly lit mag, Kindred arriving in the mail
(seeing my name in print = tiny happy dance)

provender for the days ahead::
-enjoying the beautiful fall edition of Kindred, Harvest
-time with the Boys
-the kinda fall weather
-fundraiser at the Boys' school
-working on the oldest's halloween costume, inspired here (it is so cute, I might make one for myself!)
This is a friday series called fodder+folly. You are welcome to write along if you want, just leave a comment with your blog address if you decide to write one and I will be sure to come say hello. Would love if you "wrote along!"

hope you all are having a fun and festive weekend! Halloween soon! Can't believe we are almost done with October and so close to the start of November! xxoo


  1. Beautiful. These words, the things that nurtured your soul (I had to look up the word fodder :-)), your blog. I love that I found you on this large internet.

  2. Oh well done on the magazine ... I'm doing a little happy dance for you too.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about socia media distractions - too many! So glad there were creative sparks though, so important I think. Hope you enjoy your days ahead Rebecca. You're right, the months are flying by. The clocks went back here last night, and there are some real November storms on their way, the kind that rip up trees. I shall be stood outside watching football...

  4. This is lovely, what a great series, (our follies seem in sync) and some wonderful positives you have drawn from the week. Congratulations on the magazine!

  5. I'm liking the idea for the series :) And hugest congrats on getting your name into print. It happened to me again recently, it's such a thrill isn't it :)


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