10 October 2013

write now | a fall giveaway

 I am thrilled to bits in announcing my very first giveaway. Ever!!

As many of you know, a while back I took the course Write Now with Amanda, author of the blog the Habit of Being and creative director of the literary magazine Kindred.  Amanda is not only a gifted writer, but a talented editor and teacher as well. Under her tutelage, I feel that I learned so much about my own writing, creative and otherwise, and I wish for others to have the opportunity to work with her as well. This is why I am giving a way one spot for her upcoming course of Write Now which begins October 21st. This is the last one that will be offered until after the New Year.

I want reiterate, that I took the course out of a longing, not to become a "Writer," but to deepen my practice of writing/journaling/blogging in hopes of finding avenues to creatively stretch myself; that wish was oh-so fulfilled! However, what I find ever so wonderful about having taken the Write Now course, is that amidst all the hustle of three boys and their busy fall scheduling, I am still finding time to write; time to scrape out words across paper, journal a bit of my feelings, and work out matters of the heart and longings of the soul.

Don't be intimidated. Don't think this is a course where the teacher will pull you up in front of class to mock your essay or jest at your words.  Instead, think of it as a place where you can safely try putting some of your thoughts into words A place where you can safely begin a daily practice that is just for you -a space apart from your day to day.  I think of it as a place for us Creatives, us folk who are learning to tell their own story; who are trying make the intangible, tangible; who want to record the memorable, in all its glory and defeats.
To enter, is simple. Please leave a comment below stating why you would like to take this course.

If you would like to be entered a second, or a third time, (or a fourth, etc...), you have the following options: like my Facebook page, the Habit of Being's Facebook page or Anchor&Plume's FB page; you can follow Amanda on twitter @writealm; or share the giveaway on Google+, twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Please tag one of us (or just Amanda if you are on twitter) so we can count your entry.  If you are worried we won't see your entry, please leave another comment below letting me know who/where/when/what.

If social media isn't your thing, please send me an email at pomegranateandseeds(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know you would like to be entered a second time.

++++++++change in time and date of giveaway: Entries will close at noon on October 18th, 2013, PDT(pacific daylight time), United States. The winner will be announced on October 19th. The course begins October 21st.


Thank you to all who entered! The winner is Kim Corrigan-Oliver! xxoo


  1. ooooo would love to develop a firmer writing practise and find a voice. life with 3 kids is crazy, writing is my calm space x

    so glad you gave me so many fabulous links and new people to find...just great whether i win or not. these are all the other things i did.....

    1: Liked your fb page
    2: Liked Habit of beings FB page
    3: Like anchor and plumes fb page
    4: followed amanda on twitter
    5: Shared the giveaway on twitter...here is my link to the tweet https://twitter.com/textgeorge/status/388407648132943872
    6: Shared in on FB
    7: shared on google+

  2. I think I'd like to take Amanda's course for a kick start, as well as some accountability! (though I signed up for nanowrimo, which should be a good kick in the rear to get moving, but still!)
    Shared on FB, liked your page on FB, and shared on google+ :)

  3. I came here from Amandas twitter (already follow her!) and i would love to take Amanda's course to start a daily practice of telling my story with words.
    (have popped on over and liked you on fb, and already like habitofbeings fb.)

  4. I found this via the Habit fb update....I would love an opportunity to take this course to deepen my resolve to actually write! I am doing it in half measures and would love a compelled schedule, first made by the course then followed through on my own. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Oh I would love to take this course. I have heard so many great things about it. I would love to strengthen my writing practice and I know this course would help.

    I already like Anchor and Plume on FB
    I like you on FB
    I follow Amanda on Twitter
    Shared on FB
    Shared it on Twitter

    Thanks for the chance.

  6. I have been wanting to take this course to get back into writing everyday. Thank you! I liked your FB.


  7. Words are a gift. I would like to learn how to wrap this gift better to present it to the world

  8. A lovely giveaway! I'm already following Amanda on Twitter and I'm not on Facebook (I know!!!) so I virtually liked all of your pages ;)

  9. Thanks for a chance to win! I'm im a very hectic and busy phase in my life but would love to work on my writing within a little me time!!
    I follow Anchor&Plume and Amanda on Twitter and will share this giveaway on Twitter too!
    Thank you!!

  10. I would love this chance to be in this course, which comes highly recommended via my friend, Fanny! I'm in the process of rediscovering my writing and could use all the help I can get!

  11. I would love to win a place on the course. Lori Pickert posted a link about it on Twitter a while back, and I've been considering it ever since. I have been interested in writing since I was young, but have never established a daily writing habit. I feel the course could give me the kick start I need to begin.

  12. After I married in my late 20's my husband and I moved to London where we lived for over 5 years. During that time I decided to finally try and live a life I was more passionate about and follow dreams without fear. I took a writing course, initially, at a community college in London and was then inspired to apply to the University of London for it's first year offering a two year certificate in Creative Writing. I loved that course, but back then I found it overwhelming. Many of the other students in my class were much older, real grown ups, and I was utterly intimidated. I found the peer criticism at times utterly demoralising and it made me quite fearful, instead of helping me gain confidence in my voice. I'm now older and have a different perspective on myself and others and feel that this would be the perfect time to try once more to find my voice. I hope you'll consider me x

  13. I would really love to win this giveaway! I found it through Amanda's page. Ever since my second child was born, almost a year ago, I haven't been able to get back into writing. I really miss it. I hope this course could help me focus and get back into it. Thanks for the chance to win a spot! I also follow the habit of being on Facebook.

  14. Tomorrow I turn fifty years old. This milestone has not began as I always imagined; no fresh start, no time to tackle that bucket list, and little energy to be that picture-perfect 'new woman' of fifty as seen in every magazine at the checkout stand. A family member's cancer treatment just beginning, a job with no pay due to the government shutdown, a forced sale of a house to reduce a financial footprint are all what 50 means. Maybe writing it all down; what it feels like, where I am at the present and, who I am becoming during all of the next year is what I need. Or just maybe, writing at 50 is something entirely different. I've followed Amanda for a while now. She is an inspiration. Thank you for this chance.

  15. I would really love to win this. Writing and I have gotten into a bad place after some really discouraging words from someone close to me about how writing will never get me anywhere and I'll never be more than mediocre. Finally coming out the other side of that bad place but now I'm jobless and am not sure I'll be able to pull the money together to take this class.

  16. I am the shy girl who is just now finding her voice at thirty-five years old. After years of observing life I do have stories to tell. I want to stitch them and knit them and craft them into tales for others, for those whose eyes are hungry for meaningful words from a woman who lives humbly and mindfully, with nature under her bare feet.

  17. Oh, this sounds perfect for me right now. I have lost my habit of journaling (and blogging) and I want to reestablish this practice. I am an artist--have been for 25+ years and I communicate visually for a living but my love for writing is something I have never been able to devote enough time to and I want to start trying harder now (yesterday). I am moving into a new decade of creativity. I am 50 and have just opened a new book full of blank pages I want to fill. This seems like a good way to start the pen scratching across those fresh new pages.

  18. What a wonderful giveaway. I feel, right now, I'm skirting round the edge of a new adventure. Just testing the water. Dipping my toe. Starting to look into the world of writing and how I could fit into it (and fit it into my life). Write Now sounds like an ideal confidence booster to give me that much needed kick to get going. Fingers crossed...

    I've liked you on FB, and have followed Amanda on Twitter.

  19. Hi Rebecca, I don't want to be entered into the giveaway (I have already registered for this class, yay!! :), but I wanted to stop and say how much I enjoy your beautiful words and photos, what a delight to have discovered your space :).

  20. I have been wanting to take her class! But it is currently not in the budget. Would love a spot to really focus on developing a writing practice.

  21. I would love to win!
    I followed all three pages on FB and I follow Amanda on Twitter. I also tweeted about it :-)


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