11 October 2013


follies of the week:
-grumpy at the wrong people
-letting go of the good, holding onto the bad
-missed opportunities to be jovial with the boys
-not relishing life enough

fodder for the soul:
-hanging out with children
-art projects
-getting my hands dirty
-stomping in puddles
-finding small patches of Autumn's colors when out for a walk on a rainy afternoon

provender for the days ahead:
-escaping to the Mountains, outside Julian, CA. There we will get a chance to be with
 friends and relish a bit in the Autumn like weather high above the sea.
-getting up early to listen to the quiet and write; journal, pen, camera in hand
-photographing old oak trees
-birding a bit
-hunting down apples
-gobbling up pie
how has your week been? I would love to know your follies, fodder and provender for the days ahead! xxoo

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  1. A lovely list Rebecca. I'm a bit lost at the moment, and trying not to think too deeply about things, but I am looking forward to going to a falconry centre tomorrow for my eldest's tenth birthday. He absolutely loves birds and he can't wait. Hope you all have a really good weekend. The mountains sound wonderful.

  2. What a perfect trio of words. This week my folly would be staying up too late, fodder was two rare days when I was able to walk to work, and provender is coming home to my man after a week away.

  3. oh my. i'd have to do a whole post to share mine with you....
    but I love "grumpy at the wrong people."
    You had me at that one.
    (and I get it.)

  4. fodder and folly is an EXCELLENT title. my folly - tinkering on t'internet, and my fodder - making yummy flapjacks and watching o-o skipping along the pavement in front of me on the way to school. skipping is SO GOOD, a new skill he's developed since befriending some girls in his class. his male friends do not skip, they charge or run or dawdle. oh and listening to the smiths, bill hicks and louis CK on spotify. x x x x


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