19 October 2013

42 0f 52 :: portraits of the boys

the boys, up in the san diego mountains. 
the younger two helping collect eggs on a early Saturday morning.
 the oldest squinting in the sun just as he is about to take a hay ride. 
52 series at Che+Fidel


  1. Great photos as usual ... glad you managed to capture all three. Love the glasses ... are they new?

  2. I love how your boys are similar, yet all so different.

  3. I really like these photos they are so different yet in hues of blue. A wonderful collection this week. Have a great week. X

  4. Fantastic pictures. The San Diego mountains sound wonderful - what an adventure!

  5. What a handsome lot. I always think our boys would be thick as thieves if they ever got the chance to meet:) XO

  6. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous kids!


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