02 March 2013

Friday Favorite Day...perhaps a bit late

It is getting on here. Late-ish in the afternoon. March 1st. Sun is slowly trickling its way into the sea. Most of you on the East Coast are already out, or in, for the night. Europe, you should be asleep. Australia, NewZealand friends, I am not sure what time it is there, in relation to here. I am writing, just to write, putting it out to whoever reads it.

I am enjoying a couple of minutes of quiet. G is out and about with friends...the oldest is on a camping trip. B is with his Auntie(my youngest sis) and cousin. I am just enjoying the productivity of an emotional week (middle sister's masectomy & reconstruction), plus a ridiculously draining haircut.  What highlights this week filled with so many things, is the fact I was able to finally assemble the auction item for G's class.

I brought in a variety of leaves and I had the children sketch whichever leaf they wanted to paint. I had the children work in watercolors, showing them a smidgen of how to mix colors and what not. It was wonderful to see the children create and make something they were excited about. There were of course some comparisons, but I kept telling them, "If everyone compared themselves to Michelangelo there would not have been any art made since the Renaissance." They got that.  Each child made at least one (some made several) little leaf portraits that I the combined to make a large collage of sorts. It wasn't all bliss. There was a fair amount of logistics of measuring, cutting & pasting. However, the THRILL and JOY of all the students when they saw their art work all assembled was pure bliss. it truly made my heart sing. I could hear each child, pointing out to their friends, "mine is here, mine is there." They were soooo very excited.

Silly, really, that we have to make art to fund our art programs (and our reading programs) at our school. But I had fun in the making. The children were thrilled! So in the end. What else could you ask for on a Friday afternoon?
I hope whatever you are doing, you are making it lovely. Lovely, for this Friday afternoon....

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