15 March 2013

notes of a field trip

In and around town: a visit to the Theater with G's class. 
I took some notes...visual notes of sorts.  
A lovely bus ride. We sang some songs to distract ourselves from the tedious nature of the ride. It felt long as we had a bit of a stop on the route and everyone was anxious to get there.  
G was feeling a little sick after the ride though. Part of it was anticipation, part of it was feeling jittery about it all, he loves the theater and all its excitement, but as I said, the bus ride felt long. Had to sneak in some crackers & a bit of cheese before we went into the Theater, but there was no time for a proper snack. We had arrived just in time.  
The Theater. The children were bouncing with excitement, hardly able to contain themselves before they were ushered into the theater itself. The children had met several of the performers earlier in the week as they had done a class visit to show the children their instruments and talk about their passion for music. During the show, as he snuggled up against me, G whispered to me that he wanted to learn how to play the Double Bass. He had simply fallen in love with it.  When the musicians came out after the performance, he was right there, soaking in all he could. His desire to learn to play was so very clear. 
 However, he may need to start with the Cello first as I am pretty sure that is where you have to start when you are his age. I don't think the Double Bass comes in G's size.

I think it would be lovely for him to learn how to play an instrument, really good for him in so many ways, but he has an adventurer's heart so I wonder if he will be able to commit to it in the long term.  I never learned how to play an instrument, though I have often wished I had.

Sometimes I think our vision of greener  pastures for our own children is often not what they are envisioning at all, so I want to tread lightly in this area.

The trip was lovely and joyful. I always love to see how the teachers and the students interact with each other. I have such a great admiration for teachers. I love working with children, but I fear if I was an actual teacher, we would get nothing done. I would spend our classroom days reading them stories, making up games, learning to paint with our toes and building boats and things to float in streams. Then I would be sacked for ill-preparing the children for the future and poor classroom management skills.  Sigh.



  1. Hi Rebecca - what a fabulous trip. My guys always love their field trips, but when you can see pure inspiration in the making, that is just such a wonderful moment.

    Nina x

    1. Hi Nina -it was a good field trip. makes me wish i could be a little elf in each of the boys pocket so I could see what they are learning and loving everyday. Wish I was organized enough to homeschool them, because it could be a fantastic journey together. However, again, I have no classroom management skills and fear my children would only learn how to knit. And argue more with me. xo

  2. How fun! I have to agree with you about studying an instrument from an early age. I wish I had done so as well. It's really a remarkable skill to have that isn't very common anymore (other than the guitar). I hope he goes for it! :)

    1. Thanks Natalie! I hope he goes for it as well. I am looking in to it this week and we will see what I find for him. xo


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