25 March 2013

gratitude monday

grateful this monday morning for blossoming flowers everywhere.

grateful for boys sleeping in late.

ever so grateful for a bit of quiet time that is not scraped out in between the busy busy business of the boys schooling and errands and running back and forth.

grateful for blue skies and foggy gray ones.

grateful for family and friends.

grateful for all that I am learning and all the searching I am doing while hugging this life I am living.

grateful for two weeks of holiday that will have moments of slowness but go by ever so fast.

just grateful to be grateful.

where is your gratefulness leading you this week? hopefully is adorned and beloved. xxoo


  1. Rebecca this was just beautiful read! x

  2. oh thanks so much Natalie. Your comment brightened my day! xo

  3. Beautiful!
    :) Liz @ rusticpeach.com

  4. It's such a great practice to take the time to write down what you're grateful for. I loved reading it. Maybe I should give it a go at my blog, too?

    1. oh I love your idea! I have really enjoyed making monday a gratitude day. I would LOVE to do more with it! or even just have another place to go and read gratitudes. xo


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