21 March 2013


for me, today, finding happy is all about finding my happy medium. not all things are perfect all the time, but if i can find a little balance of this & that; get a little perspective on the here & now; close my eyes & let go of things behind me, then i think i will have found my happy medium...for today anyway. 

how are you finding your own little slice of happy? xo

ps. this is a blog hop...so link up your slice of happy and join the happiness all around! 


  1. My happy is getting dirty...with the 3rd graders. 3rd grade gardeners, that is! Too funny that the other parent volunteers look spotless after our Friday gardening session with the kids, but I look like Pigpen (cartoon character, Charlie Brown's buddy, for you young's). Happy is dirt under my fingernails

    1. Oh Deb! I can never imagine you looking like Pigpen (though that IS often how I feel!)! Happiness IS dirt under the fingernails, especially after a wonderful gardening go. Somedays I look down at my hands & I have no idea where the dirt under my nails came from....see you soon! xo

  2. Replies
    1. oh so love your slice of happy! brilliant! thanks so much for saying hello! xo


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