31 March 2013

i believe in the unrelenting poetry of life

i believe in the unrelenting poetry of life.
of the deep depths of science.
of the morning bird that calls out to her mate in the evening, shrill and beautiful against the dusky sky.
I believe that Death comes uncalled for and unmade for.
                      robbing beds of lovers and cribs rocked in grief.

i believe in the unrelenting poetry of life. 
of promises never filled forgiven,
of all thing made anew when under clean sheets hung to dry out on the line in the midsummer sun.
of eyes closed, lashes filled with the motes of memory, drawing deep in sleep.

i believe in boken hearts & Newton & Einstein & Darwin & Louis Leaky,
in the darkest depth of black holes and in an earth not formed yesterday,
but in nanoseconds of a moment billions upon billions of years ago
in a collapsing clap off the shoulders of God.

I believe in the unrelenting poetry of life.
happy equinox, happy easter, JOYEUSES PĂ‚QUES, happy, happy day to everyone. xxoo

PS. this one may look innocent, however, she is on the hunt right now for easter eggs to devour before the boys get a chance to even look. it is her one, once a year fault. her brother however, who is often naughty, still has horrid gas from the chocolate covered almonds he ate earlier in the week. but that, for him, is par for the course. 


  1. <3 your words and images Becca. They arrive in my email at the perfect time-to start my day with reflection, peace, beauty. Happy Easter to your and your family; and hey, it's not a holiday without a flatulent dog, right?!

    1. Oh deb! how is it you ALWAYS know the thing to say. and yes, what is any holiday without flatulence from some creature at my house. xxoo

  2. beautiful post. Happy Easter to you too x

    1. Hello Lisa.
      thanks so much!
      happy Easter to you too! xo

  3. Beautiful words!!!!! Love the eggs, Happy Easter to you all. We had a black lab that loved all things that could possibly be food - it resulted in a very smelly dog!!!! But we love them all the same.
    Chey xo

    1. Ahhh Chey...boys and the labrador. Smells abound at our house!
      hope that you week is starting off so lovely!

  4. How stunning is this space of yours?! Your words are so lovely and the photographs are divine.
    I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm going to be joining in with Em's Weekly Stills from this week too!
    x Katrina



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