19 March 2013

poetic pause :: street.

i tiptoe past where the jetties lay. looking for the stairs. whispering though the lines that are no longer drawn in the sand. lines that jigsaw, standing imprinted in. imprinted into the pavement.

i ice skate. ice skate on past the concrete that rushes past my bare toed sandals.

i wander in the yard, looking for my children. hugging them goodbye. watching as the bus pulls away.
i stand, on the street. watching longing say hello.

this post inspired by a lot of this & that. xxoo


  1. This perfectly fits with the foliophoto link-up! Thanks for sharing! xo

    1. thanks so much Christie. I am so so glad I have happenstance stumbled into your lovely creative community. xo

  2. I love this image, strange when it's of a bin, the words clearly carry me away.

    1. thanks so much victoria, i love working on my writing when i get a chance and it so lovely when someone actually stops in to read them and say hello! means oodles to me. thanks so much xo


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