13 March 2013

grabbing on to spring

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It was cool last night, and a gentle fog rolled into the neighborhood up from the ocean. It made the earth not quite in focus, not quite clear. The younger two ran outside. G tried to capture it on the camera, but the fog was a bit elusive and being difficult. I then took some photos in our back yard before it was time for dinner and to be in for the night. 

Even though it feels like spring is oh so difficult to define out here, I know it is coming. The light lasts longer and the earth is warmer. No need for the heaviest of blankets in our bedrooms. No need to wear fleece hats on the way to school. However, coffee still steams from mugs in the early morning mists though; and there is a quiet that still exists in our house that will not be here once school is out for spring vacation. Though I love change, I love holding onto this undefined time. I love being here in this unclear boundary of a season, when the season is actually in the midst of change.  It is so like the fog from last night: heavy and cool, elusive to define. There is such a clear demarkation between summer and winter; you can hardly confuse the two -but spring and autumn, they both, are a whole different sort of game. They often lay still and quiet, not quite ready to define one from the other. Perhaps that is why I embrace them oh so much.  Both Spring & Autumn resist definition, both embrace the change and defy it at the same time. 

I add this image for the end of this little text because this IS SO clearly spring. Yellow comes alive in such a different way than in the Fall.  Life is brightened by the touch of daffodils and forsythia that deck walkways and doorsteps. I love the undefined parts, but I also adore the parts that trumpet REbirth and REnewal as well. 

what parts do you loathe and/or love about the changing of the seasons?

joining in with Lou, who inspires me to think about Nature, and inspires me to bring more green into my home.  What joy! xxoo


  1. It's really sunny here, and from indoors it looks beautiful. But stepping outside I am hit with such cold it takes my breath away! brrrr. Come on spring! xx

    1. Yes to spring! Oh those days when it is brilliant blue but freezing. It is then that I never know if it is spring or fall. waiting for some renewal in these parts. thanks for stopping in to say hello! xo

  2. Love the daffies, weather all over the place here, sun, hail, snow, blue skies, black clouds - Scotland has it all! Fact for the day, 20 March is the day that day and night are the same length. Guess after that it really should be spring. Ever optimisitic. katie x

    1. Yes to the spring equinox! I am crossing my fingers for you that spring unveils herself in more clever ways than just snow & hail. Hope that warmer days are ahead! xo


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