24 March 2013

sunday forward into the week :: stills

sunday. morning. 
fog slowly peeling back the blue in the sky letting dapples of sun adorn the mountains across the bay. 
heart. longing.
lazy holiday and star smattered nights. inside tents. watching our cheeks blow our breathe across the remnants of the winter air. uncurling toes tight in covers. 

we are tumbling headlong into the spring holiday. TWO whole weeks of luxiurious freedom that will seem shorter than a baby sneeze; then it will be over with & the boys back into the last round of school before summer. I know it is just three months into the year, but with the mention of the holidays ahead & summer somehow in sight, we seem to have already had such. a very. full year.  

for that i feel blessed & so grateful.  

here are some stills from the past week & this weekend. we live with some wild & unfettered boys at times, so i am glad to capture a growl or two (ahem the youngest in this first photo on the right), but i also love all sweetness of moments caught with some of their younger friends. 

Have you been very mindful this March? I have been trying to make myself ever so more mindful of my taking in and putting out. but mindfulness is a day to day experience, so naturally i falter, almost all the time.  however, i hope when i am able to look back on today, i will actually see that i was able to sketch out a wee bit of meaning in these days of now. 

hope you had loveliest of weekends. 


  1. Thank you for the reminder to be mindful.

    1. thanks so Lisa! I love when you stop in and leave a little note! your comments always make my day! xo


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