08 March 2013

wandering about in west L.A.

wandering about ocean park blvd. in between volunteer spots at the boys schools. i was hungry & a bit blue. I needed to nourish myself. i have passed this lovely eatery many times and have never indulged in something for myself. a dear friend brought us food from here when my mom passed so when i wandered by, today seemed just the day to go in.
right there, that was my seat, close enough to the window so that I had lovely light, but tucked away from traffic so i could focus on eating, not people watching. i didn't know it when i took the photo, but it was waiting for me. i had forgotten how nice it was just. to. sit. & be. i hadn't been quiet with myself for a while. i did play peek-a-boo with a cutie-patotie almost big four year old. but i had oodles of time to just focus on this:
my belly said, "ahhhhhhhhh." my soul sighed relief. i was finally ready to go back out into the real world. filled up.

Thyme Cafe & Market in Santa Monica.


  1. I love visiting west LA. I am also from LA area. Your blog is full of photos that tell beautiful stories how can I not follow your blog :)
    Liz @ rusticpeach.com

    1. thanks so much Liz! I am hoping on over to your sweet blog to make sure I have followed you back! xo


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