04 March 2013

+ gratitude monday+

gratitude monday.

This Balloon.
So grateful for this balloon. So grateful to find it dancing on the fence of a neighbor. Perhaps they were celebrating a baby, perhaps a joyous birthday. This balloon said to me "welcome! celebrate! trumpet joy!" So grateful the balloon gave me the chance to smile.

This Tree.
This week I am so so very grateful for this tree. Every time I look at him I find my interior quiet. For me, he is a reminder of all things majestic and old, of all things intertwined on this earth. of nature. He graces the quad at the younger boys' school, guarding over the children and nurturing their love of all things green. I hope that he is instilling in them a respect for wisdom and old age.

This Light Dancing In The Leaves.

I am grateful for the sun and the slow tilt of our planet. I am grateful for the early morning light, the way it filters through trees and dances off of flowers and leaves. I am grateful when it warms up the house making it less chilly in the morning, grateful for the way the sun calls to the tiny seedlings and bulbs still hiding underground.

This Art. 
So very grateful I had the honor of helping G's class work on their art project for the annual fundraiser at the boys' school. The children were so. so. SO proud of the finished product! This made me so. so. SO happy. I am so grateful when I get the chance to mix and play with paints and create art with children.

This Wet Sidewalk.

I am so grateful for the water that spread across this pavement. The smell of cool damp air mixed with fresh compost and newly cut grass caught me by surprise, making me stop and breathe in a bit of Spring. I am grateful for that moment as it not only reminded me to water my own garden, it also reminded me how precious our lovely water is & how often I take it for granted.

This Flower.

I am grateful for this out of focus flower. I am grateful for her refusal, along with her sisters, to come into focus when I was trying to take their picture. I am grateful as it reminded me to be more mindful of
when I can control things
                               and when I.

What are you grateful for this week? I would love to know.


  1. Oh what a beautiful post! Such gorgeous gratitude reminders. I love the twisted tree and I love the flower's message to let go of what we can't control. Something I continue to relearn. Elisa x

    1. thanks so much Elisa. Letting go (not giving up) is one of life's most difficult lessons for me. xo

  2. Ooh did you change your layout? I love it! The photos about the light are gorgeous. Hope you had a nice weekend my dear! xo

    1. thanks so much Shannon! So glad you like it. I felt that my last layout was overly busy -and I couldn't do anything about it. This one I have a bit more control over and for that I am super happy about. xo

  3. Yo lovely lady! Thanks for popping by my blog. A new gratitude friend! Awesome. Look forward to sharing playful and savoured moment with you Natalie x

    1. hurrah! I love new found friends from afar. makes the world a bit larger and comfier at the same time. very very grateful for that indeed! xo

  4. So much loveliness to be grateful for. I think that beautiful old tree would make me calm too.
    Lisa x

    1. hello lisa! yes the tree is so gracious and wonderful. I hope it graces that courtyard forever.
      hope that your week is looking bright and lovely.

      thanks so for stopping by!


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